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When my son was diagnosed with ADHD 6 years ago, I was his primary support person in dealing with day to day life. After we discovered What Next? ADHD Coaching he began getting professional guidance and learned many tools for managing his own life. Our relationship has returned to a sweeter, easier one that we both enjoy. Thanks for helping us both.
-Parent of twenty-three-year-old
We sincerely appreciate Sheila's flexibility in working with our busy schedules. It is very helpful to have the email support between scheduled appointments. It also helps our son take ownership for his own progress.
Sheila and our son set goals together for handling routine tasks related to schoolwork. He is better able to organize his projects and keep track of upcoming deadlines.

Sheila helped our son develop strategies for handling unexpected challenges. She worked closely with him to manage his impulsivity. She helped him learn strategies to think before he acts when facing frustrations. We practice the strategies at home and she reinforces them with specific techniques.

Sheila worked with our son's middle school teachers so we had the best possible outcomes for academic success. She also helped him during the transition to middle school so that he showed positive classroom behavior in the new academic setting.

-Parents of middle school student
I want to say thank you for helping me last school year! I also wanted to let you know that I got a 5 on my AP Human Geography exam. You really improved my organization!
- Lilia., High School Sophomore
You've been a great coach. I'm in a much better place than when we first met.
- Zach., twenty-three-year-old college Student
Because of Sheila I have learned to write every assignment down when given, organize binders and folders. I have learned that I must work two times harder, but she has taught me many techniques ... that have helped me in my everyday life."
- Kathryn, high school student
Sheila has helped with my academics, but she truly cares about how you do in life as a whole.
Sheila has helped me emotionally come to face and understand my disability. She has helped me through test taking skills and organizational skills.
- Rachel, high school student
My daughter's confidence in her ability to achieve was put in place by all of Sheila's hard work, organization and dedication.
-Parent of high school student
ADHD coaching really opened my eyes to where my study methods were deficient and helped me improve in those areas.
-Evan, college student
You've helped me so much. You've had faith in me and believed in me. You've never lectured me when my grades are bad.

Thank you for being there to talk and to listen. I feel at my best when I talk to you. And, since I'm under all that stress, it's kind of like having another friend there.
-S. graduating 8th grade girl
Sheila Palmer | Phone: 502.409.1514 | sheilapalmer@whatnextadhd.com | whatnextadhd.com