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Sheila Palmer

Prior to coaching, I worked for twenty-nine years as an educator, with my undergraduate and graduate degrees being in special education. For twenty-six of those years, I provided direct services to middle and high school students with learning disabilities and ADHD.

In my last position before beginning my coaching practice, I was privileged to create a model that provided support to high school students with learning disabilities and their teachers. With nearly annual attendance at national (LDA, Chaad, CEC) and local conferences, I was able to provide teachers with current “best practices” from experts in the field. For students, I created a multi-faceted,¬†voluntary, for-credit class in self-determination which, much like coaching prepared them to navigate their own lives appropriate to their postsecondary goals. When I left this position, twenty years after its inception, membership in the class had grown from just a few students to approximately 16% of the total school enrollment.

A critical component of the program was the support group for parents implemented by myself and a parent steering committee. Four meetings per year were dedicated to a variety of informational topics, many provided by parents.

Working as a professional ADHD coach has been an exciting outgrowth from my former position as I now work with students on an individual basis. For years, I have had concern for ADHD students/parents who might have benefitted from the additional one-on-one education and support that a coaching relationship may provide; a relationship that might reduce academic and personal struggles.


The ICF approved ADHD coach training that I have received thus far has provided me with knowledge, skills, and strategies to work with students/parents from elementary school through high school and young adults through age thirty.

My background in special education, my many years of experience working with students who are fully integrated in the regular curriculum, my ADHD coaching training, and my unwavering dedication to working with those with ADHD and learning disabilities equips me well in working  alongside my clients as they strive to create a more manageable and rewarding life for themselves. My goal is to be a partner in positive change for clients who are ready for this step.

Sheila Palmer | Phone: 502.409.1514 | sheilapalmer@whatnextadhd.com | whatnextadhd.com